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    Villa Marina 76 offers advanced auto repair services for most makes of vehicles.

  • Smog Inspection & Repair

    Licensed California smog center

  • Gasoline & Diesel

    Villa Marina 76 offers both full service and self service

  • 24 Hour Towing

    24 Hour towing is available. For more information call 310-821-5676

Villa Marina 76

Villa Marina 76 has been serving the Marina del Rey and surrounding area for 35 years. We have built great relationships with our customers that trust only the best service

Auto Repair

With the latest diagnostic tools and training, Villa Marina 76 can diagnose any car issue.

Maintenance Services

Maintain your vehicles warranty; at Villa Marina 76 we offer all scheduled maintenance services.

Suspension & Brakes

Villa Marina 76 offers suspension and brakes services.

Alignment, Repair & Replacement

Villa Marina 76 carries a full line of standard sized tires in stock with the ability to obtain a majority of other sizes & brands of tires within a couple of hours